MCS Scholarships for International Students


The mission of the Robotics & Internet of Things Lab is to develop innovative solutions for five areas. In particular, we aim at developing protocols, services, and intelligent algorithms to use these systems through the Internet while integrating them into the cloud. The objective of cloud integration is to: 1. Virtualize the access to these systems through abstract interfaces, 2. Take advantage of cloud resources to offload computations from these systems to the cloud. We are also interested in developing deep learning solutions to analyze data collected from robots/drones/sensors in different contexts of applications, such as surveillance, people behavior monitoring, self-driving systems, disaster management, crowd management, …etc. Robotics & Internet of Things Lab and the College of Computer & Information Sciences at Prince Sultan University offers PSU scholarships for 10 international students in the Cybersecurity Master Program. The Robotics & Internet of Things Lab works a broad areas of research. In the context of the scholarships for the Cybersecurity Master Program, we are interested in the following areas: Development of Anti-Drone Systems, Security of Unmanned Systems, Security of Machine Learning Models, Deep Learning Model of Cybersecurity Threats, Security of the Internet-of-Things and Security of Smart Transportation Systems.


  • Has to be full time student and work for at least 40 hours weekly in the assigned Research Lab. Perform all research and academic duties requested by the lab leader or the assigned advisor. Publication of two research journals.


  • Enrolling in the Graduate Program with full scholarship. Monthly Salary of 4000SR. Accommodation in University Housing or housing allowance. (One room for each student in a shared apartment). Transportation to and from University and Student Housing or Transportation allowance. Health Insurance.


  • Development of Anti-Drone Systems Security of Unmanned Aerial Systems Security of Machine Learning Models Deep Learning Model for Cybersecurity Threats Security of the Internet-of-Things Security of Smart Transportation Systems


  • Admission in Masters Program Criteria: Bachelor degree in the required field with a minimum GPA of 3.25/4 or equivalent. English Proficiency test (6.5 IELTS, 80 TOEFL IBT). A maximum of 3 years since obtaining his undergraduate degree.
  • Starting Date: Position is available starting from January 2020. Applications will be open until otherwise notified.


    To submit your application, please send an email to In case your application has interest to us, we will contact you to send complementary documents, including CV, and expected research plan. In case your application is not positive, you will not receive a feedback from us.