The Robotics and Internet-of-Things Lab (RIOTU Lab) was the first research lab to be established in Prince Sultan University, under the College of Computer and Information Sciences. It was first established as a research unit in September 2016 under the Innovation Center and then promoted into a research lab in September 2017. The lab is currently led by Prof. Anis Koubaa. The RIOTU Lab deals with multi-disciplinary topics related to Robotics and Internet-of-Things. In particular, it has four main overlapping research tracks: (i) deep learning and artificial intelligence, (ii) unmanned systems, (iii) internet-of-things, and (iv) emerging technologies. The objective of the lab is to conduct scientific research, develop training programs, and attract external funds related to the areas of Robotics and Internet-of-Things.


  • Establish a professional research environment in PSU in the robotics and IoT research.
  • Attract external funds and grants to PSU.
  • Provide a consultation service to the industry both locally and internationally.
  • Develop robotics and IoT solutions for the Saudi Market in collaboration with international companies.
  • Providing training services to communities in the field of robotics and IoT.
  • Contribute to the involvement of undergraduate and graduate students in professional research and promote their intellectual and learning skills.
  • Establish international collaboration with reputed research groups and institutions in robotics and IoT.
  • Contribute to the enrichment of computer science and engineering programs in the field of robotics and IoT.


To be an internationally recognized centre in Robotics and Internet-of-Things (IoT).


  • To promote applied research on Robotics and Internet of Things in Prince Sultan University through international collaboration with industrial and academic partners.
  • To develop robotics and IoT solutions for real applications to sustain the economic and social development in Saudi Arabia in line with Vision 2030.


The Robotics and Internet-of-Things (RIOTU) Research Lab focuses on the integration of Robots into the Internet of Things to promote new types of applications that leverage the use of these two technologies. RIOTU Lab has a long expertise in developing solutions for Internet-of-Things and Mobile Robots. The Research Lab also fosters its activites to be aligned with national priorities in particular the 2020 National Transformation Plan and 2030 Vision. In particular, with a strategic vision for the future. The Robotics and Internet of Things lab at Prince Sultan University is working in emerging topics and offers Postdoc conducts research in six main areas:


Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence

• Aerial Images Analysis • Convolutional Neural Networks • Semantic Segmentation • People Behavior Analysis Using Computer Vision • Remote Sensing


Unmanned Systems

• Multi-Robot Coordination • Design and Control of Drones and Robots • Integration of Drones and Robots to Internet and Cloud • Cloud Robotics • Robot Software Engineering • Robot Operating System (ROS, ROS2) • Computer Vision



• Intelligent Transportation System • Remote Sensing • Vehicular Networks • IoT Applications • IoT Networking and Protocols • LoRA-based IoT • Security, Trust, and Privacy • Web Services and SOA


Emerging Technologies

• Data Science • Cloud/Fog/Edge Computing • Single Board Clusters • Efficient VM Placement in Clusters • Green and Energy Aware Data Centers • Big Data Analytics