PhD/Master Internship


The mission of the Robotics & Internet of Things Lab is to develop innovative solutions for five areas. In particular, we aim at developing protocols, services, and intelligent algorithms to use these systems through the Internet while integrating them into the cloud. The objective of cloud integration is to: 1. Virtualize the access to these systems through abstract interfaces, 2. Take advantage of cloud resources to offload computations from these systems to the cloud. We are also interested in developing deep learning solutions to analyze data collected from robots/drones/sensors in different contexts of applications, such as surveillance, people behavior monitoring, self-driving systems, disaster management, crowd management, …etc. Robotics & Internet of Things Lab at Prince Sultan University offers internships for outstanding Master & PhD students interns, for a duration of one to six months, to work on Robotics, IoT and Deep Learning Projects. The candidate must demonstrate to have strong technical skills and to be eager to address scientific challenges and problems, and to be very dynamic. The Robotics & Internet of Things Lab addresses multi-disciplinary research areas, but we particularly consider the following research priorities and interests, which include: Mobile Robots (Multi-Robot Coordination, Cloud Robotics, Integration of Robots to Internet & Cloud, Robot Software Engineering, Robot Operating System ROS, ROS2, Computer Vision), Unmanned Aerial Systems (Remote Sensing, Aerial Surveillance Systems, Design & Control of Drones, Integration of UAS to Internet & Cloud), Internet-of-Things (Remote Sensing, Applications, Networking & Protocols, Big Data Analytics, LoRA-based IoT, Security, Trust & SOA), and Deep Learning & Data Science (Self-Driving Cars, Convolutional Neural Networks, Semantic Segmentation, Aerial Images Analysis, People Behavior Analysis). The candidate must have sufficient background to work on any project in the mentioned research interests and must demonstrate some previous experience with the related topics. The candidate is expected to deliver at least one submission to a high quality journal as outcome of the internship.


  • Currently is a M.S. or PhD Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Robotics or related fields Excellent knowledge of programming languages (Java, Python, C,C++), … Experience with one of research themes of RIOTU lab Prior experience with of Linux and development on Linux systems Demonstrated ability to work independently and in a team Be very dynamic and self-motivated Excellent writing skills of technical and research papers in English Excellent spoken skills in English Excellent communication skills and a proven ability to deliver on challenging software development tasks


  • Successful candidates will be provided with financial support that includes hosting, accommodation and living allowance during the period of the internship by Prince Sultan University. They will have access to the excellent research facilities (robots, drones, sensors, cloud, IoT devices, printers, etc.) and resources of the RIOTU lab. The living allowance will be decided based on the scope of the project, duration, skills of the candidates, and the expected outcomes of the internship.


  • Mobile Robots Unmanned Aerial Systems Internet-of-Things Deep Learning and Data Science


  • Duration: 1-6 months
  • Recommended Skills Deep Learning, TensorFlow, Keras, Robot Operating System (ROS), OpenCV, GPU programming,
  • Staring Date Position is available starting from January 2020. Applications will be open until otherwise notified.


    To apply for a Master level internship, you must be already pursing Master studies or already having a Master degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering or related fields. To apply for a PhD level internship, you must be already pursing PhD studies in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering or related fields. To submit your application, Fill in the application form In case your application has interest to us, we will contact you to send complementary documents, including CV, and expected research plan. In case your application is not positive, you will not receive a feedback from us.